The Swiss Parkour Association was founded out of a clear vision. With the official Swiss Parkour Association, we would like to build a strong and networked Parkour community in the future, which can live out the sport with all its facets. This includes the professionalisation of training through Youth+Sport, the professional basis for top-level sport and the recognition of parkour as a sport throughout Switzerland. We are committed to a strong community and, as an association, would like to organise national as well as international events that are sustainable and for the benefit of parkour. In addition, we would like to promote and represent Switzerland with all its parkour clubs, as well as professionalise and maintain the values.



The Swiss Parkour Association has the mission to promote the sport in all Swiss Parkour clubs. With the national sport promotion system Youth+Sport, we thus lay the foundation for all clubs to receive financial support. In addition, with the Swiss Parkourtour, we bring together the best Swiss parkour athletes to demonstrate their skills in competitive competitions. Our mission is to continue to strengthen the parkour community in the long term by maintaining a targeted exchange with the clubs and supporting them in their endeavours. The association's mission is to take into account and implement the desires and needs of its members. Our values are at the centre of this, which we always respect.