General safety-relevant aspects

The SPKA is a partner of the Swiss Council for Accident Prevention (BFU). In collaboration with the BFU, safety measures were defined as part of the training at Youth and Sport, which are to be implemented in all clubs. The safety measures can be used to promote accident prevention in parkour among children and young people. In principle, the SPKA is against disproportionate risk and adheres to the value attitude of "safety and control in every situation".

Parkour instructors...
  • Ensure active supervision of their activities in accordance with the level of development of the parkourists.
  • Sensitise the children and young people to a conscious approach to difficulties, risk and risk-taking and self-assessment of their own abilities.
  • Make sure that watches, jewellery etc. are taken off or taped up and that no chewing gum or sweets are chewed. Long hair must be tied up.
  • Ensure a considerate attitude towards the environment, passers by and training colleagues. Litter will be disposed of in the appropriate places. Parkourists will take care of their training environment.
  • Ensure that children and young people in the training group only have access to spots that are appropriate to their level of ability.
  • Consider the specific requirements of the three settings "indoor", "outdoor" and "parkour facilities".

Document: Full safety guidelines (J+S Website)

BFU Website: