General Assembly 2019

Jan 26, 2019

26.01.19: Jam / Open Discussion / General Assembly 2019

We are inviting everyone to a Jam / an Open Discussion / our General Assembly. If you are planning on joining us in the afternoon, please take a minute to fill out this doodle:


JamGrandstand Parkour Park, Horwerstrasse 87, 6005 Lucerne

Discussion / General Assembly Sitzungszimmer Allmend Ost, Swissporarena, Horwerstrasse 91, 6005 LucerneThe entrance is on the east side of the Swissporarena, next to the LSC Clubhouse


* 10:30 Jam at the Grandstand Park
    * no admission fee / gratis
    * Please note you need to be a member of Parkour Luzern to be allowed to train at the Grandstand Park (membership:
* 13:30 - 15:15 Open Discussion
    * Short Presentation of SPKA
    * J&S parkour
    * FIG saga: Exchange of information, SPKA's next steps and interaction with STV/FIG/Swiss Olympic/BASPO/parkour earth
* 15:30 General Assembly
    * Constitution and by-laws
    * Finances
    * Election of the board
    * Next steps
    * Further matters requested by our members

Your Inputs matter to us

If you feel like there are important topics missing for the open discussion, if you have inputs for SPKA's constitution or if you have further matters for our GA, please join the #ga-2019 channel on