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The SPKA has been the umbrella organisation of Swiss Parkour since 2018 and unites around 30 parkour clubs and 3000 active members. The founding of the association in 2018 focused on the professionalisation of the young sport as its main mission. By introducing a Switzerland-wide parkour training at Jugend und Sport, the SPKA has the task of sustainably promoting the next generation of parkour athletes. With the Swiss Parkour Tour, we challenge the best parkour athletes to compete against each other and hold the Swiss Parkour Championships.

For Coaches

SPKA is the coordinator of the Youth & Sports Parkour program. This provides training for Parkour coaches, and funding to clubs teaching young people using qualified coaches. 

Training courses for coaches run multiples times per year.

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For Athletes

The Swiss Parkour Tour is the SPKA event platform for Parkour in Switzerland. Both a competition circuit and informal training events (jams) are included. The SPT website has all the details for upcoming events.

Contact the SPT team if you want to host an event.

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For Beginners

If you are interested in learning Parkour, we recommend seeking coaching from a club local to you. It is also possible to learn for yourself using online resources, or to join an informal community and learn outside the structure of a class.

Check our member list to track down a group near you.

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Swiss Parkour Tour 2023 Recap Video

Swiss Parkour's Event Platform and Competition Series. head to the SPT Website for upcoming events.

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